QUAKER VALLEY Railroad - The Layout in 2014 and 2015

Lynda B encouraged me to get some "water" added to the Quaker Valley.  She was pushing to have it done for the 2014 open house in November, but I started making good progress at year end.  There were four places on the Quaker Valley that need water scenery added.  I chose to start at the aisle entrance and repaired the scenery edge at the aisle bridge, painting the fascia at the same time.  I then cleaned and painted the river bottom a dark green-black acrylic mix with raw sienna for the shallows.  I added some twigs and washed gravel and "boulders" picked up off the street last winter.  Some were added before the pour and others added at water edge as the resin set.

Pouring 2 part resin at Laurel Run 

Here I am pouring Envirotex Lite, a 2 part resin I have stocked for about 15 years.  This Laurel Run area took two batches in the cup to complete.

Laurel Run before the water effects are added 

So here is what it looks like at the end of 2014.  I still need to add the water effects around the boulders.  I'm happy with the way the rope strands stand up to make some water side weeds.  A styrene dam at the front edge kept the "water" in place while it setup.

Laurel Run bridge over new water pour 

Before adding the resin, I painted some of the river bottom up on the backdrop to make the river bend around the hill side.  I also brushed some resin up on the backdrop to make it look wet.  A little touch up with some ground foam and bushes will complete the scene.

Warner Steel at CostelloFuture site of Plastruct front at Warner Steel

Warner Steel is still under construction at Costello, both blast furnace and rolling mill.  Hope the winter in Meadville brings a Plastruct structure addition between the steel buildings to replace the cardboard

BridgeLynnsburg Freight House

This dry creek should be the third project for a resin water pour in 2015.  The canoeists downstream will appreciate the ride.  I decided there is room for a freight house adjacent to the power plant dumper.  I just started assembly to judge the layout of track into this new siding.  I can use the FastTraks turnout I constructed this summer and the Lynnsburg crew needs a few more places to work.

River bank under repairSharman CreekFishermen

The river banks between the power plant and golf course were repaired and fresh scenery was completed before 5 batches of the resin water was poured here.  The back side of the concrete arch bridge has finally been completed after 20 plus years.  Sharman Creek has a couple of fishermen on the dock and in a boat sharing their catch. 

Titus Power StationPower station interior

The Titus Power Station on the banks of Sharman Creek has now been painted and weathered.  Windows are installed and the interior floors have been finished.  Lynda insisted on installing a couple of workers too.

Pictures of the Aisle entry gate

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