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I had some time to work on some buildings while working in Meadville in the fall of 2012.  The Walther's Peterson Tool kitbash is installed in Twin Rocks, and now named for Reading Bone Fertilizer and Buffalo Industries.  Twice the switching fun.

 Peterson Tool kitbash

There are two parts of the building stretching out 36 inches along the wall.  The left side will hold three or four hopper cars on an inside track.  The right side has three dock doors for trailers and two doors on the track side.

There is an office on the north side of the building.  Shown below is the backdrop installed in the center building flat.  The scenery still needs to be completed around the complex at Moss Creek, but it is fully functional.

Shelving and fork lift inside Buffalo Industries

The Tri State Milling is unfinished in the left picture, still needing the dust collectors, fire escape and glass.  The track will curve away here and I still need to build a dock for the right side of the building.  All of the parts were found in the back wall version of Red Wing Milling.  I just spliced the front and back walls together to stretch it out.  It has been installed at the south end of Costello and provides a destination for covered hopper cars.

The right picture above show this building is nearing completion.  This one is the Centennial Mills kit from Walthers.  I kitbashed it using the extra parts included and made it twice as big as stock.  Weathering has been completed.  The glass and final details are now complete.  And it is now in place and shipping flour from Costello yard.  Just need to make the dock for the trucking side and complete the siding for the rail.

Tri State Milling at Costello

I also completed the ready mix plant from Walthers.  It is just set n place and the rail siding to service it is not yet in place.  The color matches my former employer Berks Products and I have obtained some artwork to make decals.  The mixer and dump fleet will need painting and lettering too.  The New River Mine kit is Tara Mine on the Kittaning Branch of the Quaker Valley.  After many years it got painted and weathered in early 2013.

Ready Mix Plant Berks ProductsTara Mine

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