WAYBILL and TRAIN CARD FORMATS  from the Waybill Program

WaybillCar Card with WaybillTrain Card

The current version of the Waybill program (version 4.2) prints a four sided waybill form.  The form above shows side 1 and 2 and the card is flipped for sides 3 and 4.  The waybills are inserted into a pocket on the car card formed by folding up the lower 1.5" and taping the sides together.  Between operating sessions, the waybills are flipped to show the next car destination.  The Waybill program also prints a Train Card to describe the work accomplished during an operating session.

CAR CARD FORMATS from the Roster Program

Car Card - Freight CarCar Card - LocomotiveOld Line Graphics Car Card

The current version of the Roster program (version 4.2) includes a channel number for DCC or Command Control locomotives.  It also has a revised format for the Car Card and Loco Card which eliminates the unit cost and other model related information. Only the data required for operations appears on the card. These cards are compatible with those from Old Line Graphics.

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