4 Sided Waybill The Waybill forms are entered in the computer database and printed as a 4 sided waybill the same size and format as those already in use by many modelers. The waybill program permits you to select and copy or modify existing waybills from the database. This is accomplished in much the same manner a typist would use a word processor to speed that process. The waybills are printed 12 per page on heavier colored paper available at any office supply store, and then cut to size with a paper cutter.

The Waybill program also permits you to print Train Cards which describe the purpose of each train on your model railroad.

ROSTER Program

Car Card - New Format The Roster program permits a modeler to manage a large collection, to print roster reports and to print car cards for each locomotive and railroad car. The car cards use the AAR car type and are printed eight to a page using a heavy 110# paper stock. This system allows you to easily update your roster as acquisitions are made.

The Quaker Valley Railroad uses light blue for locomotive cards, canary for freight cars and cherry for cabin cars and passenger cars. In this way, it is easy to see that a handful of cards is a complete train.

The roster reports can be used to print a complete roster inventory report, only those after a selected date, or those which satisfy a selected query. (i.e. all blue locomotives)

PROGRAM Upgrades

The last version of the Roster program (version 4.1) developed in 2002 includes a channel number for DCC or Command Control locomotives. It also has a revised format for the Car Card and Loco Card which eliminates the unit cost and other model related information. Only the data required for operations appears on the card. The ability to print roster reports with price, stock number and kit information remains. The cards remain compatible with those from Old Line Graphics.

The last version of the Waybill program (version 4.1) includes a separate database for the shipper and receiver. This enhancement was suggested by Tony Koester and promises to allow for the exchange of prototypical waybill information. (Sample Shipper Database) The program allows you to select a shipper and receiver from the existing databases, to add to the databases or to enter your own information without adding to the data file. A database of shippers and receivers with more than 4000 records is now available with the current version of the Waybill software. We expect that more commodity information will be made available and hope to be able to make it available, perhaps through the Internet. The waybill program still will permit you to select and copy or modify existing waybills from the waybill database.

Owners of older versions of the Waybill and Roster programs can upgrade to the new version for $20 and $15 respectively or $30 for both, half of the regular price. Please add $5 shipping and handling for each order. Please send your check or money order for the appropriate amount to Quaker Valley Software. Delivery in 7-14 days should be expected.


Both programs are written to operate under DOS, but they have been written to take advantage of a mouse or trackball and will work with Windows (3.x, '95 and '98) or OS/2 as well.  Under all operating systems, the software has drop down menus, buttons and scroll bars familiar to Windows users.  The waybill programs and data files require less than 1.0M of hard disk space, while the roster programs data files can take about 1.2M for a 500 unit roster. The report generator which is included with both programs is installed in a separate directory requiring 1.3M.


A number of printers are supported, and the printer capabilities are important, both in fonts available and especially in handling the heavier paper used to produce durable car cards and waybills. HP LaserJet and DeskJet printers with a straight paper path to a rear port work very well. Many dot matrix and bubble jet printers from Canon, Epson, Lexmark and Okidata are also supported. Dot matrix printers are usually capable of bending and pulling the 60# and 110# paper stocks preferred for durability in operation.

The economical HP Deskjet Model 320 will handle the heavier paper because of its simple paper path, and we find the current HP models in the 600, 700 and 800 series also have the capability of feeding the 110# paper stock. The waybills are printed in five passes, with the operator turning and flipping pages so no duplex printing is required. Printer drivers for Epson, Okidata and Canon printers are included with the Report Generator and many other printers can be supported.


The WAYBILL program is available for $40. The ROSTER program is available for $30. Both can be purchased for $60. Add $5 for shipping and handling on each order. A demo disk package is available for $5 which includes shipping and handling. Send a LSSAE for a free color brochure and sample car card and waybills.

Please send your check or money order for the full order amount to Quaker Valley Software. Delivery in 7-14 days should be expected.


Model railroad operations can add an interesting new dimension to your modeling pleasure. Switch lists require a somewhat rigid schedule, with a need to run every train before the next generation switch list can be produced. Also, misrouted cars have to be manually moved to conform to the computer list.

Many modelers have converted to a car card and waybill system as described by Tony Koester in his March '93 Model Railroader article. The concept is to match up a load represented by the waybill with a car represented by the car card. These documents can be hand made or blank forms can be purchased commercially. Quaker Valley Software now has available a set of programs to print car cards and waybills which are the same size and style as those available from Old Line Graphics.

Using the computer generated forms will enable you to quickly and neatly create a large number of quality waybill forms. It will also enable you to share information with other modelers, to copy and edit waybill information from them and modify them for your own model railroad. An added benefit is that new Car Cards and Waybills can be easily reprinted as changes are made or as the old forms get tattered from use and abuse.

The roster program will allow you to print the individual car cards required for operation. It will also produce several roster inventory reports which you can use to manage you model railroad roster, allowing you to avoid duplicate purchases at train meets. It can also be used to value your collection for insurance purposes.

The software uses several user created or modified files including a listing of AAR car codes, a State/Province listing, color codes and railroad reporting marks. These databases can be modified by adding deleting or editing the supplied records.

The Quaker Valley Railroad uses car cards which are printed eight to a page on a heavy 110# paper stock. We have used light blue for the locomotives, cherry for the cabooses and work equipment, and a canary color for the freight cars.

The Quaker Valley waybill forms have been printed as a 4 sided document the same size and format as those available from Old Line Graphics. The difference is that the data is entered in the computer database and printed 12 per page in a five pass operation. The Quaker Valley RR invested in a paper cutter for the project which produces a professional looking document.

The added benefit is that new Car Cards and Waybills can be easily reprinted as changes are made or as the old forms get tattered from use and abuse. You could even color code the waybills for car type if desired. The QVRR uses a green 60# stock for most waybill cards.

These car cards and waybills are completely compatible with those printed by Old Line Graphics and can be slowly introduced into an existing operating system. Realizing that much of the work in creating the Waybills is researching and creating the flow of rail traffic, we are now sharing a large shipper database and hope to share more waybill information in the near future.

Old Line Graphics

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Old Line Graphics
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A basic starter set which includes pads of manually written car cards, waybills and a number of other operation related forms are available from Old Line Graphics for about $15.  Similar car cards, waybills and oxes are available from Mico Mark.

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