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Welcome to the info page of Quaker Valley Software!

This Web page and related links covers our older car card and waybill operations related software for model railroaders.  Support has ended for the programs.

Computer Printed Car Cards and Waybills

Quaker Valley Software produced a set of programs to print car cards and waybills compatible with those available from Old Line Graphics and Micro Mark as described by Tony Koester in his March '93 Model Railroader magazine article.

The software was originally developed in the 1980s to run under early versions of Windows.  The last update was made in 2004 and is still used on the Quaker Valley to print car cards and waybills.  There are some operating system issues runing the software on the newest 64 bit versions of Windows 7 & 8 and we have decided to suspend support for these newer systems.  There are many options today for printing car cards and waybills that did not exist in 2004.  For example, you can print waybills using an Excel spread sheet that now pernits printing text upside down.

Check with us and identify your version of Windows and printer before ordering.  All versions of the software provide car card formats and access to a large database of prototypical shipper locations. When the software was developed, printers were unable to print upside down as required for the 4 sided waybills.  The Waybill program was setup to run the sheet through the printer 5 times to get the four sided waybill.  Today an Excel spreadsheet can print a foldable version of the waybill.  A copy of the spreadsheet is included on the distribution CD.  Check out the program details at:

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