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WAYBILL Program - Version 4.1
ROSTER Program - Version 4.1
RRPRNTR Program - Version 1.2
 README file - October 6, 1998

Programs Copyright (c) 1995-1998 Quaker Valley Software. All rights reserved.

Welcome to Quaker Valley Software's Roster and Waybill Programs for Model Railroaders. This README file contains the latest information available on installation and initial operation of your new software. It also contains helpful hints found in our testing.

The README is only one source of information provided with the software. Additional detail can be found in the on-line help screens available by pressing function key F1.

To locate information in this README and to print a copy, you can use your favorite word processor. To print a copy of these instructions in DOS, you may try the following:

At a DOS prompt type: "Print a:\Readme" NOTE! This is a special internet version of the Readme file which will not print as you view it.

In OS/2 use the Find option in the Edit menu of the OS/2 System Editor. You can print the file by dragging it to your printer object or by using the Print choice on the pop-up menu for the README object.

Table of Contents

1a. What's NEW?

The newest version of the ROSTER program includes Windows like buttons to add, delete and browse the data files. Additional fields over early 3.x versions of the program include a two line Home/Empty location, a long memo field, an acquisition date, grouping for the reporting marks, a channel field for users of DCC or analog decoders, and the car type lengthened to 12 characters. The Car Card format has also been changed, and no longer reflects pricing and other model type information. All information required for operations remains.

The newest version of the WAYBILL program also includes the Windows buttons to add, delete and browse the data files. Perhaps the most exciting new feature is the Shipper and Receiver databases. The Waybill program now permits you to select car contents, shipper and location from a database. The 4.0 version of the software is shipping with a data file of more than 4000 entries. Many of these are taken from the data shared by Californian, Chris Butts from his research of commodities nationwide. This data has been posted to the OPSIG site on the Internet as text data, but Quaker Valley Software has completed the effort to create the data files needed to use Chris' data with the QVS waybill program.

Additional data from other sources and mythical data from our own Quaker Valley RR are provided as well. You may add to the database, and the ability to import additional data is built into the Waybill program. We have included a reality factor and source to note the veracity of the data.

The Receiver file is very similar in structure to the Shipper file, as we find the cars have to be delivered to the same places, even if only empty. Of course, a study of the supplies required for even one glass or steel factory could keep you quite busy.

2. Installation

The interactive installation programs are written using 20/20 Software's PC-INSTALL. INSTALL.exe amd DEMO_DOS.exe are the DOS versions, SETUP.exe and DEMO_WIN.exe are the Windows versions of the install programs. DEMO_DOS and DEMO_WIN install only the demo versions of the Roster and Waybill programs. Each of the installation programs copies the program and data files to the appropriate directories and sub-directories of your hard disk.

If you are using a Windows operating system, it is highly recommended that you install the software from a Windows session. This will establish the folder and icons to run the programs. Select Run from the PROGRAM MANAGER and enter A:\SETUP to install the programs. (A:\DEMO_WIN for the demo version.)

If you are using a OS/2 operating system, it is highly recommended that you install the software from a DOS session using INSTALL.exe. See section 14 for suggestions on establishing a folder and icons to run the programs.

Important: The installation program default installation directory is C:\WAYBILL. If you have a previously existing directory with this name, you must install the software in another directory. Perhaps C:\WAYBILL2 is free. If you install in a non-standard directory, you must run RRPRNTR before printing reports.

If you are installing a new version of the software in the existing C:\WAYBILL directory, your previous version of the program will be overwritten. You should backup your files before installing the update, but your data files will be left unchanged. Please run the ROSTER and WAYBILL programs from a DOS prompt with the U parameter (i.e. ROSTER U) one time to insure that all program, data and index files are synchronized.

Please backup your data files now and routinely in the future. The program files can be easily obtained or recreated from an older backup. Only regular backup procedures can protect your waybill and roster data file integrity. The data files have the extension .dbf and are the only files requiring periodic and routine backup.

2.1 Default Directory Structure

The default directory structure created by the installation procedure is as follows:

\WAYBILL Master QVS directory
Requires 3.2M for complete installation;
1.6M for WAYBILL files;
1.2M for ROSTER files;
1.0M additional for DEMO programs;
there is about 500K in common files.
\WAYBILL\DBU Database Utility Program files (requires 300K)
\WAYBILL\SAMPLE Sample program database files (requires 100K)
\RRUNTIME Concentric Report Writer RRuntime (requires 1.3M)
A complete installation will require about 4.9M of hard disk space.

2.2 Modifying Your Environment Variables

Certain environment variables (e.g., PATH, CLIPPER) should be set to run the software which was generated using CA-Clipper 5.2. If you elected to modify the AUTOEXEC.BAT file during the installation process, your file should be up-to-date. Otherwise, the appropriate settings are written to a file called AUTOEXEC.QVS located in the default directory. In either case, it is important that your AUTOEXEC.BAT file contain these additional settings so that CA-Clipper 5.2 will find your files. The required settings are as follows:

1. The PATH variable should include the directory where the program executable files reside (example: C:\WAYBILL). Alternately, you can copy the BATCH files roster.bat, waybill.bat and rrprntr.bat to a file in your path. (example: \BATCH or \DOS)

2. The CLIPPER variable should have sufficient file handles, usually five less than that established in the FILES= line in CONFIG.SYS.

For example:


The installation program modifies CONFIG.SYS to:


3. On-line Documentation

The on-line documentation consists of HELP screens available while the Roster or Waybill Programs are running. Simply hit the function key F1 for on-line help. The help files ROSTHELP.DBF, ROSTHELP.DBT, WAYBHELP.DBF AND WAYBHELP.DBT are installed in the \WAYBILL directory.

A printed copy of the documentation manual which includes sample screens is available at extra cost, however a copy of the text with simple text screens is available on the original diskettes as *.ASC files. For example the ROSTER program manual is available in the file ROSTER.ASC.

4. Initial Program Operation

The first time the ROSTER or WAYBILL programs are run, an update feature will be invoked to create any missing data files and to create the required index files. This will only take a few seconds the first time through.

The update feature may be rerun by adding the U parameter to the command line when running the program. From a DOS prompt, enter 'ROSTER U' or 'WAYBILL U'. This can be useful in recreating index files if they are erased or have become corrupt. It is also necessary to reindex the files when you append waybill or roster records from another user or database.

5. Program Familiarization

There are five executable program files involved in the complete Waybill system. You may not have each program depending on your software purchase and installation option selected. The five programs have an exe extension and are DOS programs which will run under WINDOWS or OS/2 as well. The five are:
WAYBILL.exe Waybill & Train Card Program
ROSTER.exe Roster & Car Card Program
WAYBILLD.exe Waybill Demonstration Program
ROSTER_D.exe Roster Demonstration Program
RRPRNTR.exe Printer Selection Program

Take some time to become familiar with the program using the provided sample Roster, Waybill and Train Card data files before you attempt to create your own. Feel free to navigate using the menu structure, to browse the sample databases and to edit existing records. Make use of the on-line help by pressing the function key F1 or by using the mouse to activate the Help button whenever it is visible. Print samples of the reports to insure compatibility with your PC, mouse driver and printer.

The newest versions of the Waybill software also includes a database of SHIPPER and RECEIVER data. These files enable you to select from an extensive list of prototypical contents and companies for creation of your waybills. We expect that as users make additional Shipper data available, we will be able to provide updates.

When you have satisfied your curiosity concerning the programs and assured compatibility with your hardware and operating system, there are three ways to change to your railroads data:
- You may edit the existing records in each of the databases
to reflect your own railroad.
- You may delete records from the database and enter your own.
- You can rename the original databases ROSTER.dbf, WAYBILL.dbf
TRN_CARD.dbf, SHIPPER.dbf and RECEIVR.dbf and the memo files
ROSTER.dbt and TRN_CARD.dbt at a DOS prompt and then rerun the program.
The Roster and Waybill programs will create a new blank database.
We suggest you rename the roster and train card databases, and create new ones for your railroad roster. The sample waybills can be used, copied and edited to suit your needs.

6. Error Messages

Should the program terminate abnormally, an error message should appear on the screen. Please note the message, procedures called and line numbers for use in troubleshooting. A screen print of the error message is most useful. Please note what you were attempting when the message appeared. Follow the directions in Troubleshooting before calling or writing for Technical Support.

7. Utilities

The Database Utility Program (DBU.EXE and DBU.HLP) has been provided on the distribution diskettes as a back door means to modify the Program databases. Please do not run this program with your valuable data files unless you are familiar with the Clipper programming environment or have received specific instructions from Quaker Valley Software.

8. Sample Databases

A number of databases are shipped with the Quaker Valley Roster and Waybill programs. The software will create a blank copy of other required databases when first run. The sample databases may be used as is, or edited to suit the purchasers modeling needs. The databases shipped with the products are:

- ROSTER.dbf A sample of 40 roster records
- ROSTER.dbt The memo file for the roster records
- TRN_CARD.dbf A sample of 15 Train card records
- TRN_CARD.dbt The memo file for the train card records
- WAY_BILL.dbf A sample of 40 Waybill records
- SHIPPER.dbf A list of more than 4000 Shipper records
- RECEIVR.dbf A list of more than 4000 Receiver records

- CAR_TYPE.dbf AAR Car Classification Codes
- CLASS.dbf A simple car class code
- COLOR.dbf Suggested Color codes
- MARKS.dbf Railroad reporting marks
- MFG.dbf The Walthers model manufacturer codes
- STATE_CD.dbf 2 character codes for all 50 states
& Canadian provinces
- COUPLER.dbf Model Coupler Code
- FINISH.dbf Model Finish Code
- TRUCKS.dbf Model Trucks Code
- MOTOR.dbf Model Motor Code
- CODE2.dbf Extra User Definable Code

- RREPORTS.dbf The Report Writer Control File
- MRR_NAME.dbf A system control file used by Waybill.exe.
- SYS_FILE.dbf A System control file used by Roster.exe.
- PRINTx.dbf 4 control files for Waybill printing
- PRINT_SD.dbf A Waybill printing control file
- COPY_WB.dbf A control file used by the Waybill program.
- COPY_WBC.dbf A control file used by the Waybill program.
- COPY_WBL.dbf A control file used by the Waybill program.
- WB_BLANK.dbf A blank waybill record for printing
- WB_CNTRL.dbf The Waybill Header file.
- WB_COPY.dbf A file to control Waybill copying.
- WB_PRINT.dbf A file to control Waybill printing.
- BROWSE_P.dbf The initial Printer setup file.


9. Memory

Free Memory is the amount of memory available to run applications. You can find this value by using the MEM command in DOS version 5.0 or later, or CHKDSK in earlier versions of DOS.

You will need approximately 540K free bytes of memory to run the ROSTER or WAYBILL programs.

10. Compatibility Issues

The ROSTER and WAYBILL programs have been compiled for operation under DOS version 3.1 or higher, Windows 3.1 or higher or OS/2 Versions 2.1 or higher. Although the programs provide for mouse capabilities for menu selections, cursor and function keys can also be used.

If the software senses a mouse or trackball driver is present, Buttons will be displayed which can be activated by the user. This will be apparent at the very beginning of the program when the software disclaimer screen is displayed. A box with the word OK will be present if a mouse driver is present. The user can click in the box, or press any key as indicated by the text at the bottom of the screen.

The Mouse buttons work as in most Windows type applications. The left button can be used to single or double click and select an item. The right button can be used as the ESC key to exit most edit and browse screens and to exit the program as well.

Each of the Browse screens has a help screen accessible by hitting F1 or by clicking on the help button. Note the Windows like buttons all have a corresponding key for those who prefer the keyboard over the mouse or trackball.

11. Printer Issues

The Quaker Valley Software programs ROSTER and WAYBILL utilize the RRuntime version of Concentric Data Systems, R&R Report Writer Version 6. The required files are installed in the C:\RRUNTIME directory as a part of the installation process. A number of printers have been tested and are supported including the Hewlett Packard Desk Jet and Laser Jet families, a Xerox 4520 and Epson, Okidata and Lexmark dot matrix lines.

Other printers may be supported by running RRSETUP.exe from a DOS prompt in the \RRUNTIME directory.
Select CONFIGURATION, RR.CNF, PRINTERS and arrow down to Printer 7. Hit enter and select from the printers supported in RRUNTIME. Select QUIT, Esc, SAVE, QUIT and EXIT to save your choice. Be sure to coordinate your custom selections using RRSETUP.exe and RRPRNTR.exe as described below.

The software developers have found much success with the HP line, and many non-HP printers can accept the HP printer codes. Please refer to your printer manual to determine if a Hewlett Packard (PCL) mode is emulated. Many printers have the ability for a straight through paper path required to handle the heavier 60 and 110 pound stock.

We have printed the train cards and waybills on 60 pound colored stock and car cards on 110 pound colored stock available from a number of stationary stores and outlets such as Staples or Office Depot. Master lists of the rosters, waybills and train cards can be printed on regular white bond paper of your choice.

You need not invest in an expensive printer to handle the heavier papers. The software authors have had good experience with a simple HP DeskJet model 320 portable printer which is available for less than $200 nationwide. This printer has a straight through paper path which permits you to single sheet feed the 110 pound stock.

The software has been set up to prompt the user for the printer driver to use. Available drivers can be browsed using the printer utility program RRPRNTR.exe. Concentric's Report Writer can accept driver selections 1-8. Entering a '?' for the driver sets the program for the default, a user prompt. Once you have determined the printer driver that works for your printer, you may run the printer utility and enter this selection, bypassing the repeated use of the user prompt. For example, to use the HP Laser Jet driver, run the Printer Utility and select 3 for the printer entry. The report writer will always use the driver 3 in the future. You may set the driver selection or reset to '?' for user prompt at any time.

The user may purchase a full version of the R&R Report Writer at any number of software retailers nationwide. This will permit you to examine, copy and edit the standard reports in the report library, WAYBILLS.rp1. Please make no changes to the canned reports. A good approach is to make a copy of the library and make all changes to the copy. For example, in the \WAYBILL directory, at the DOS prompt, enter
Then select the custom library from RR for your custom report development.

12. Troubleshooting - Correcting Problems after System Installation

Before calling for technical support, please try the following.

The Program halts with a message indicating it cannot open a file.
You probably did not allow the install program to modify your autoexec, or haven't rebooted after the changes were made. See section 2.2 of this readme file for more info.
The Program won't run.
Reinstall the programs from the original distribution diskettes. Do not copy over the sample databases if you have made modifications or updated your files.

The Browse screens seem scrambled.
Try running the program with the U parameter to update the index files. Rerun the update feature by adding the U parameter to the command line when running the program from a DOS prompt. (See section 4)

An Error message was received.
See section 6. Try running the program with the U parameter (see section 4) If that fails, call or write for technical support with all error message detail.

An insufficient memory error occurred when printing a report.
The report writer RRUNTIME engine provided will attempt to run in protected mode when extended memory is available. This should not be a problem under Windows, OS/2 or early DOS versions. When running under DOS 5.1 or higher, change the EMM386 line in your CONFIG.SYS file for NOEMS. The following example CONFIG.SYS file has been used successfully in DOS version 6.2. Please backup your config.sys and make changes carefully. Of course you may need to include other device drivers to support your system.

My printer is not listed.
Try using the HP Laser Jet driver for a laser printer and set your printer to HP Laser Jet emulation mode. Try the Epson or Okidata drivers for a dot matrix. Additional drivers are available; see section 11.

The master report listings work okay, but the waybill or car card fonts don't look right.
Please note your printer model and contact Technical Support.

When obtaining Technical Support, please have available or send the following information :

1) Your serial number; from the original installation diskette.
2) Your name, address and phone number.
3) The name and version of the program which isn't working.
4) Your operating system (i.e. DOS version 5.1)
5) Your system and memory (i.e. LASER 486 w/ 4MB)
6) Your printer (i.e. HP LaserJet 4P)
7) A description of the problem including any error messages.

Quaker Valley Software
P.O. Box 814
Shillington, PA 19607
Phone 610-777-7047
email: quakervs@bellatlantic.net

It is impossible for a piece of software such as the Roster and Waybill programs to be tested on all of the combinations of hardware, operating system software and printers now in use. Please contact Quaker Valley Software with your problem and every reasonable attempt will be made to make the program work for you. If a reasonable solution is not found, your purchase price will be refunded within the first 90 days. Please contact Technical Support for a return number.

13. Using the Software under Windows 3.x

The standard windows installation for the software (SETUP.exe) will create a folder and separate icons to run your Quaker Valley Software programs. Please refer to the Windows manual for instructions on modifying the folder and items.

13a. Using the Software under Windows '95 or '98

The standard windows installation for the software (SETUP.exe) will create a folder and separate icons to run your Quaker Valley Software programs. Please refer to the Windows '95/'98 manual for instructions on modifying the folder and items, and creating a desktop shortcut to them.

14. Using the Software under OS/2 Warp

We suggest the user install the software using a DOS session within OS/2. This will create the necessary directories and install all program and data files.

You may want to create a folder and separate icons to run your Quaker Valley Software programs. From the OS/2 System Folder, open the Template folder. Drag a new folder to the desktop and change its name to Quaker Valley Software by using the the right mouse button to open the settings. (Select the last tab, General)

Open the new QVS Folder and drag a program template to the folder using the right mouse button. Enter C:\waybill\waybill.exe for the program path. Enter WAYBILL for the program name under the General Tab. You may select the matching WAYBILL.ico which has been installed in the default directory. Close the settings for this item.

Drag a second program template to the folder using the right mouse button. Enter C:\waybill\roster.exe for the program path. Enter ROSTER for the program name under the General Tab. You may select the matching ROSTER.ico which has been installed in the default directory. Close the settings for this item.

Use the same process to create a program icon for the RRPRNTR printer utility if desired.

You may want to create a special autoexec for these DOS sessions under OS/2. Please see the included autoexec file AUTOEXEC.QVS. You may want to customize the autoexec file just for these DOS sessions.

You will also need to adjust the DOS settings within the Roster and Waybill program icons to increase the DOS file settings. Right click on the icon, select SETTINGS, select SESSION, double click on DOS Settings, select all, select DOS_FILES and increase to 45. You can also change DOS_AUTOEXEC to your custom version at this time. See the OS/2 documentation for complete instructions.

15. Waybills and Railroad Operation

The use of Waybills and operation of a model railroad is an interesting and challenging way to add to your model railroading experience. Although the use of computer switch lists has a number of followers, the card card waybill as first described in the '60s by Doug Smith seems to hold its own through the past three decades.

Tony Koester, former editor of Railroad Model Craftsman magazine has written two articles on the subject. Please see the March '93 issue of Model Railroader magazine for an overview of the Car Card and Waybill system. Tony also wrote an article in the March '94 issue of MR which added the concept of the empty car order.

Old Line Graphics, a publishing firm in Maryland (see list at end) produces a full range of blank car cards, waybills and related materials. The Quaker Valley Software Roster and Waybill programs produce paper output which are fully compatible with the Old Line Graphic products. Purchasers of the software are encouraged to purchase the Old Line Graphics starter package as it will stimulate and enhance your understanding of the operating experience.

16. Database file conversion

If you already have a computerized roster or waybill file, you are probably not excited about the prospect of rekeying all of this data. The Quaker Valley Software programs use dBase compatible Clipper data files in the .dbf, .dbt and .ndx formats. Perhaps you have a utility which can convert your data to this format. Shipped with the software is DBU.exe, a Clipper utility which allows database manipulation. DBU is not a Quaker Valley product, but is in the public domain. You are free to experiment with the database files, but we strongly suggest you not modify the original files. Make a backup or copy with another name and modify the copy. Pressing the F1 key will provide some explanation for the DBU utility.

You may find it possible to print a copy of your existing Roster database to an ASCII file, and then import it into a Clipper database. If you are unable to accomplish this yourself, drop us a note or give us a call on the Technical Support line. We may be able handle the initial conversion for a reasonable one time charge. Even if you must go back and add the AAR code to your converted file, this will save much rekeying.

The waybill files include a file with the routing for each leg of the waybill, and a separate control file with the header for each waybill. Converting your existing waybill data will be a trickier, but perhaps not impossible task. If you have an existing data file and are interested in converting it, perhaps even sharing it with other users, drop us a note. Waybill data exchange may become a real good way to promote model railroad operations.

17. Copyright and Trademarks

The Waybill and Roster Programs are Copyright 1995,1996 and 1998 by Quaker Valley Software. All rights reserved. No part of the software may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, magnetic, optical, chemical, manual or otherwise without express written consent of Quaker Valley Software.

The Waybill and Roster Programs are licensed for use by one user. This user may install the software for use on more than one computer, but may only use the software on one computer at a time. The database files created by the user may be freely copied and exchanged with other users. Quaker Valley Software encourages an exchange of waybill information in an effort to create model railroad operations which reflect prototype movement of freight on North American railroads.

The installation program used to install Quaker Valley Software programs is based on licensed software provided by:
20/20 Software Inc.
8196 SW Hall Boulevard
Suite 200
Beaverton, OR 97005
Phone: 503-520-0504
PC-INSTALL is Copyrighted by 20/20 Software and is provided to you for the exclusive purpose of installing the Quaker Valley Software.

All trade names referenced herein are either trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Additional information may be obtained by contacting these companies directly.

Waybill and Car Card forms
Old Line Graphics
1604 Woodwell Road
Silver Spring MD 20906
Phone: 301-460-9193

R&R Report Writer
Concentric Data Systems, Inc.
110 Turnpike Road
Westborough, MA 01581
Phone: 508-366-1122
Fax: 508-366-2954

Model Railroader magazine
Kalmbach Publishing Company
21027 Crossroads Circle
P.O. Box 1612
Waukesha, WI 53187
Phone: 800-533-6644

18. Copy Protection and Sample Programs

Quaker Valley Software does not employ copy protection software which may interfere with the operation of the software programs. Please honor our copyright and use the program for your own use. The sample programs may be freely distributed for evaluation. A simple diskcopy of the Demonstration Disk and RRUNTIME System Disk are required for distribution of the sample programs. A batch file DEMOMAKE.bat is included on the original distribution disk so you may make Demo copies for your friends. Please DO NOT COPY the entire Installation Disk for other users. Your cooperation and financial support will continue to fund our efforts to provide additional software products for use by model railroaders.

19. Software Order Form

Additional copies of the software may be obtained by sending the form available by printing ORDER.FRM to your printer. It is the same as the following format:

|                                                                                                                                    |
| Name:____________________________________________________________ |
|                                                                                                                                    |
| Address:_________________________________________________________    |
|                                                                                                                                     |
| City:_________________ State:__ Zip: __________                                                 |
|                                                                                                                                     |
| Phone:(______)_______________                                                                             |
|                                                                                                                                     |
| FAX:(______)_______________ Disk Size: 3.5" [ ] 5.25" [ ]                                     |
|                                                                                                                                     |
| Circle Operating System DOS - Windows or OS/² Version _____                               |
|                                                                                                                                     |
| Printer Make and Model ___________________________________                        |
|                                                                                                                                     |
| QTY Product Price Ext                                                                                                |
| Please send the following:                                                                                             |
| ___ ROSTER Program $30.00 ______                                                                       |
|                                                                                                                                     |
| ___ WAYBILL Program $40.00 ______                                                                     |
|                                                                                                                                     |
| ___ Both Programs $60.00 ______                                                                             |
|                                                                                                                                     |
| ___ Printed Manuals $10.00 ______                                                                           |
| available on-disk for N/C                                                                                             |
|                                                                                                                                     |
| Shipping & Handling 5.00                                                                                             |
|                                                                                                                                     |
| ___ Demo Disks Only $5.00 ______                                                                           |
|                                                                                                                                     |
| TOTAL _______                                                                                                         |
|                                                                                                                                     |
|                                                                                                                                     |
| Please enclosed check or money for the total amount. Send to:                                      |
|                                                                                                                                     |
| Quaker Valley Software                                                                                               |
| P.O. Box 814                                                                                                              |
| Shillington, PA 19607                                                                                                  |
|                                                                                                                                    |

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