from the Roster Program of Quaker Valley Software

The Roster program has a windows like browse feature, allowing you to find the records in the data file easily as shown.

Once a record is found, an edit screen allows you to add or edit the data.  Links to the manufacturer, marks, class, AAR and codes files enable you to easily maintain the database.

The Roster program permits you to print a number of reports, besides the car cards.  These include a complete report, a report showing acquisitions since a given date, and a custom query from the Roster database.  Any of the roster fields can be selected for the query.

The sample report below shows the report format.  This is a screen shot of an actual report which is displayed as a preview to the screen.  A hard copy can be printed, or a file can be created from the report writer.

Here is a sample of one of the linked files.  This is the Railroad reporting marks file, and new marks can be added at any time.

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