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We are really excited about the program enhancements that have been made to the Waybill and Roster Programs.

The current version of the Roster program (version 4.2) includes a channel number for DCC or Command Control locomotives.  It also has a revised format for the Car Card and Loco Card which eliminates the unit cost and other model related information. Only the data required for operations appears on the card. The ability to print roster reports with price, stock number and kit information remains. The cards remain compatible with those from Old Line Graphics.

Check out all of the car cards, waybills and train cards available with the Roster program.

Check out a sample inventory report available with the Roster program. This link now has some screen shots of the program.

Try out our software.  The old link for the demo program is long gone.  If you are interested in trying the software, drop u an email.  The demo was a "crippled" version of the complete software which restricts the number of records.  However, it does not expire.

The current version of the Waybill program (version 4.1) includes a separate database for the shipper and receiver. This enhancement was suggested by Tony Koester and promises to allow for the exchange of prototypical waybill information. The program allows you to select a shipper and receiver from the existing databases, to add to the databases or to enter your own information without adding to the data file. A database of shippers and receivers with more than 4000 records is now available with the current version of the Waybill software. We expect that more commodity information will be made available and hope to be able to make it available, perhaps through the Internet. The waybill program still will permit you to select and copy or modify existing waybills from the waybill database.

We've selected a small sample of records (all from my home state of West Virginia) from the more than 4000 shipper record database now part of Waybill version 4.1.  Click here for a peek at the
Sample Shipper Database. This also includes screen shots of the Shipper database access from the Waybill program.

We use the Car Cards and Waybills for operations on our Quaker Valley Railroad. (Are you surprised?)  Each town and yard location has a slot for each track or industry.  The car cards for the cars located on the railroad are stored in the appropriate slot.  We assemble these from pine lattice boards and masonite.  Click here for a look: Car Card Boxes

Have a previous version?  Check out our Upgrade Offer.

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